Why are you more accustomed to I can’t, there’s no way, not enough time, too tired, ain’t no way this going to happen, etc.?

Why do you stick to limiting thoughts and excuses?

Why do you dodge the hard stuff?

Why don’t you take consistent action for long periods of time?

How can you disrupt your daily habits to make improvements in certain areas of your life and reach goals?

Ten years from now…will you be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things you did do?

Let’s lean on one another…Let’s Talk!!!

Whether good, bad, hot, or cold, I want to hear your thoughts!

Cherisse Atwater

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  1. I think we allow those small voices (which I call Whispers from the enemy) to tell us we can’t or we have too much to do or we’re tired,don’t feel good-etc. I purposely make an effort to do something to get moving. When I can’t make my classes- I know I have to get in extra steps at work or I do squats 3-4 times even if it’s only 5 or 10 at a time-retrained my mind where doing nothing is not an option. Moves 2 Inspire taught me that!!!

    • Hi Kathy,

      “Doing nothing is not an option.” No more idleness, No more cruising on autopilot, No more excuses…is what came into my spirit after reading this. You’ve made a decision to create winning moves, such as getting your squats and extra steps in, regardless of your tight schedule. Your determination to stay active will pay off. Hope to see you in class soon 🙂

      Many thanks for sharing,

  2. Often times I have used the excuse that I have too much to do. Or I will put too much on my plate to have the excuse not to exercise, but then would sit and cry as I ate a whole medium pizza. Consistency is everything and I have changed my mindset that instead of saying that I need to be motivated I am inspired to go workout. It’s going to be a long, hard journey, but I WILL DO IT. No more excuses., change your mindset, changes your lifestyle. Now the question has become how bad do I want to be healthy, how bad do I want to live and not die. That is what now inspires me to MOVE!

    • Hi Toosdhi,

      I appreciate your transparency. You’ve stopped making excuses, started doing, and now you have a new mindset. I encourage you to dig deep inside yourself and find out what you DESIRE from your beautiful life then MOVE ON IT! Having WILLPOWER will give you consistency and motivation to accomplish all of your dreams and goals. You will be an inspiration to many women!!! Watch and see 🙂

      Keep Moving!

  3. Some of my not so good habits give me instant gratification,like those chocolate chip cookies I just ate. The results of my good habits , like doing a set of crunches, take longer to show results . Big sigh.

    • Hi Melissa,

      I mean who doesn’t love chocolate cookies??? Naturally, our brain yearns for instant gratification and cringes at delayed gratification. It’s a struggle for many of us to resist temptation for immediate pleasure. Stay encouraged Melissa…healthy habits does pay off in the long run to a better quality of life.

      Many thanks for sharing!

  4. After the words I just posted ,I decided to recalibrate my lazy brain tonight! For ever chocolate chip cookie I ate, I did 10 sit ups! Take that lazy brain! Small victory leading to bigger ones !

    • Look at you taking a not so good habit to your advantage! I bet if you added in 10 Burpees with those sit ups you would think long and hard before you place another chocolate chip cookie in your mouth! LOL!!!

      Embracing Small Victories!

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