Are you STROLLING through life experiencing a slew of opportunities and have not YIELD to make ANY of them a reality??? It’s time to call out that “brain glitch” and find some Moves to Inspire!!!

Training at Moves2Inspire has certainly pushed me to Move to Inspire! It has taught me how to train my body, my spirit, and my lazy brain by creating winning moves for myself daily. 

Check out the exercises I do in my Lazy Brain Workout:

*Be watchful of the sneakiness of idleness

*Stop creating excuses to make myself feel better

*Focus on what’s important for that day

*Never stop acquiring new skills and solutions

*Be determined to make things happen

*Stop being afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone

*Surround myself around people who challenge me

This daily Lazy Brain Workout has changed my taste buds for new, healthier flavors in my life. My brain is now as healthy and fit as my body and spirit. I am no longer on AUTOPILOT and have learned how to avoid ruts and boredom by staying productive, always creating new ideas, and surrounding myself around those who are Dream Chasers and not Dream Erasers!!! 

It is crucial to create a clean diet and exercise regimen for your body, spirit, and YOUR BRAIN! Remember, the Lazy Brain is real and to defeat it, you must identify it, acknowledge it, then deal with it by creating winning moves daily to stay on top of it. 

After reading all my posts about the lazy brain, I hope you could move forward with at least one tool to help you learn and grow into the person YOU always envisioned to become. 

Please share some exercises you perform daily to stay on top of your lazy brain and/or any experiences you would like to discuss that could uplift and inspire someone.


Cherisse Atwater

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  1. Truth is I do not have any helpful tips necessarily because I am JUST now truly beginning to get my mind right to stop being lazy concerning all things that God has laid in my path. There are valid reasons for being tired or not having enough energy most days or just straight up not feeling like doing anything other than the required but where’s the joy in that? Where’s the joy in letting life pass us by?!

    As I said, I don’t have any tips or solutions to jolting this lazy brain but I have resolved within myself to no longer allow the days to continue to pass me by, for life to happen without me fully taking advantage. So I’m moving forward now with a better perspective and a mind willing to do MORE than just go to work and come home but I WILL make time to explore more of what God’s placed in my path and enjoy what excites my mind! Time out for sitting, that’s for sure!!

    Thank you for sharing pieces of your experiences! The writings on moving to action and not allowing our brains and selves to fall prey to fear, laziness, fatigue, etc has been encouraging to me. God has already been dealing with me on these things and your writings have helped to continue the effort of a right mind :-). For this I say thank you!

    • Hi Jasiri,

      Well truth is, you just placed a big smile on my face by deciding to reply to my post today AND you shared some helpful tips to overcoming the lazy brain. Sounds like you decided to move toward your dreams and goals step by step. You acknowledged you have a lazy brain (which is a good start) and made the decision that you will take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. I believe you will see good progress over time and have a better perspective and mindset to do the things you know you can do.

      Though some may feel they have credible reasons for being too tired or fatigue, it seems people tend to create reasons why they can’t do what they want…they get lost in “someday becoming no day” to do the things they once dreamed of. Suddenly, your 20s, 30s, and 40s come and go then you realize that you’ve brushed off your dreams and goals and convinced yourself that there is no possible way to find time to do what you want to do. We must understand that if you don’t use your time, you lose it.

      You are thinking on the right track so I suggest the next thing to do is come up with a well thought plan that works for you. Create a winning move to accomplish each day that will move you closer to your destiny!

      I’m looking forward to hearing about your next move!

      Passionately Inspired,

      • Thank you again for the encouragement Cherisse! It’s definitely true that I’ve gained a different perspective and am committed to moving forward one day at a time one step at a time . Been realizing more and more that valuable time, days years even, have been passing me by and I personally refuse to continue to allow myself to be comfortable (lazy) and stagnant. I’m looking forward to what God will bring forth ☺

  2. I focus on the the key things that are important and top priority for myself. Each day, these items are a must for me. I schedule everything else around them. One of my biggest goals require dedicated study time. I break it down into small increments(I.e., an hour in the morning before work and an hour or two at the end of the day). It is the same with exercise. It is a necessity. At the end of the day, I feel accomplished.

    • Hi Tamara,

      Wow I like how you incorporated fitness into your post 🙂 I see you understand how to create winning moves for yourself which is SUPER! Watching myself focus on what’s important to me and prioritizing my goals makes me feel accomplished too. Do you experience days where you are exhausted mentally and physically? Do your daily obligations ever get in the way of you chasing your dreams and goals? How do you stay focus during time pressures?

      Passionately Inspired,

    • A good intense workout is good for the body and soul 🙂

      Keep Moving Lisa!

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