“Get your mind right!!!”, I often yell out to my students during my sweat dripping, exhilarating Zumba classes…BUT for most of us this is easier said than done. I had an eye opener about the “brain” during one of my husband’s training presentations. He taught that the brain is LAZY and want to do as little possible. I began to ask myself, “How is this so, when I constantly over think?” There were many times I’ve searched for ways to make my brain turn off!!!

The brain plays a very important role in our lives daily. Its job is to control motor function, balance, and the ability to interpret information received by our sensory organs (eyes, ears, tongue, skin, nose). While reading this out loud, I had thoughts of how the brain’s role plays a similar role in becoming a wife and mother. As wives and/or mothers, we determine how well the family function “inside the home”. As a help mate to our spouse and a nurturer to our children, we create a sense of  balance “inside the home”. We are lead by our intuitive spirit to discern through information received from the world (sensory organs) to sift out the good from the bad. With all this work and responsibility, who wouldn’t have a “Lazy Brain” Right???

Listen to me…if your brain is out of shape then your body is out of shape! Your brain serves as the central processing unit for your body (I like to call a machine). Although we all have our own internal design, we must whip our brain into shape by forcing it to follow its orders (our winning moves)! What exactly does this mean? I will use myself as an example.

“Being diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago,  was a kick in the gut for me.  I started immediately taking 12 fitness classes per week for 3 months straight trying to bring my A1C # back to normal to prove to my doctors, nutritionist, and family that I was going to get rid of this disease! I became extremely fatigued and overwhelmed with all types of emotion that my brain was on overload. My brain became exhausted by my stress levels, diabetes, daily responsibilities, and over-trained body so it convinced me to slow everything down and just continue to take my medicine (Metformin). So I talked myself into accepting this diabetes and staying on this medicine for the rest of my life. “I deserved a break from all this fighting,” my brain whispered to me. My brain became lazy therefore my body became lazy. My motivation quickly abandoned me. My brain didn’t want to process this disease anymore, so I would turn from every diabetes commercial, turn down every opportunity to learn about diabetes, and turn away from any conversation involving diabetes. Trying to forget about diabetes was easier than fighting it and I became agitated with anyone who brought up the topic. Finally, my brain was able to kick back and relax while my body was on cruise control. Yes…take your medicine daily, avoid dealing with it, and go to your routine doctor appointments every 3 months…easy enough, smooth performance for my brain.”

The time is now, to “Get my mind right!”.  To clear out that brain fog and go from smooth to optimal performance!!!  To push my brain and body to work together simultaneously instead of working against one another. This type of training will not be easy but together WE CAN DO IT!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Lazy Brain! 

Do you think it exists?

What’s your story?

How has having a Lazy Brain affected your life?

My next move is to share with you the Key Ingredients of a Lazy Brain.

Get Ready for Your Next Move!!!

Cherisse Atwater

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  1. Dear Cherisse!
    I find myself getting excited and overly enthusiastic about the future endeavors. However, I find that I quickly lose momentum. I stop brainstroming and tend not to put thought into action.

    How would you suggest I wake myself up, keep myself motivated and turn my ideas into actions?

    • Hi Kenny!

      You should be excited and overly enthusiastic about YOUR future endeavors! I am learning you should be your greatest cheerleader when it comes to your dreams and goals. What I believe you need is WILLPOWER! You see when we are experiencing our “good feelings” we become motivated to do the things we need to do…but when those feelings begin to waiver, we lose motivation and find ourselves in a rut. Willpower pushes us to move forward whether we feel like it or not. Sounds to me, you need to build up your willpower. You can do this by creating attainable, simple, and specific goals for yourself each day. For example, instead of saying, “I want to turn my business ideas into actions”, you would say, “Today I will give myself 3 months to learn the core skills to begin my business, so I can apply for my business license by June 17th.”

      Start off each morning by asking yourself, “What will be my winning move today?” It can be just one thing from your list that you decide to work on until it’s checked off. At the end of the day, review what you have accomplished to determine what your next move will be the following day.
      Once you SEE yourself checking things off your list, you will begin to see your ideas turning into actions which can help jump start your motivation.

      So Kenny…What’s your next move?

      Passionately Inspired,

  2. Hi Cherisse!
    Thank you! My next move will be to create that list and start checking off task that are essential for me to reach my ultimate goal. Being able to visually each small accomplishment completed will keep me motivated and my mind focused on the “End Game”.

    Enthusiastic and Motivated

  3. I totally agree that lazy brain exist. You get into a routine and you do not want to change. Next thing you know you have gained over 300lbs. It took my husband death to shake me up. I decided to make me my number one priority. That is why Zumba class has assisted me in changing this lazy brain

    • Hi Lisa,

      Very moving reply! The brain takes pleasure in being a part of a routine. It’s comfortable with predictable behavior. Sometimes you have to learn to rewire your brain to make change happen. It appears that through your grief, you decided to rewire your brain for change. In order for change to happen you must do something DIFFERENT! The minute you revamped your mental and spiritual self, you overcame your lazy brain!!!

      Lisa, what steps did you take to make yourself your number one priority? How did Zumba assist you in this conclusion?

      Passionately Inspired,

  4. Hi There,

    I love this blog idea!! Oh and I’m missing my sisters and class but I’ll be back on schedule next week. On the “lazy brain” topic I never thought of my brain as lazy…,just the opposite. I turn off things too when I get overwhelmed. Mine comes in the form of denial-if I ignore it-it will go away. It never does. This really applies to my weight/health. I would get motivated change my eating habits and exercise and actually lose weight. Then I would lose motivation, or think I got it down pat-stop what I’m doing and gain it all back. I prayed and God is working with me on lifestyle changes. Not just adapting temporarily but permanently. When I think of it as this is how my life should be it helps my lazy brain start to adjust

    • Hi and thank you Kathy!

      My brain is always upset with me because I rarely allow it to shut down!!! (Which there are some pros and cons to this that we must discuss more in the future.) Have you ever thought about WHY it’s easy for you to turn your brain OFF??? As I shared in my post, the brain’s job is to control motor function, balance, and the ability to interpret information by our sensory organs (Like the CPU of a computer). Before laptops became popular, I would use a desk top computer for my personal and business needs. When I would leave my computer on all day and all night, it would get hot then the fan would turn on to cool it off. Denial could be a helpful defense to avoid confronting the truth but think about the amount of energy it takes to do this all day and all night. Walking around with an inner conflict can be overwhelming…so why wouldn’t the brain allow you to think you could shut it down? This way your brain could cool off right?

      Also, motivation is controlled by your emotions (happy, sad, tired, don’t feel good). If you are in a good place and everything is operating smoothly, it’s easier to do the things you need to do. BUT if you are in a not so good place and everything is chaotic (life hits you), it’s easier to NOT do the things you need to do. Many of us have experienced this position. Kathy, I encourage you to COMMIT to healthier lifestyle changes, then exercise your willpower (willpower will make you move regardless of how you feel).

      Be Ready to Move!

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