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Occupation: Software Quality Engineer @ Bmc Software

Hobbies: TRAVEL/cooking

Team Member Since: 2013

Fitness Goals: Maintain weight loss, tone, and just remain ACTIVE!

What advice would you give? Keep moving! Do what you can and continue to build upon it. It only takes two weeks before a REQUIREMENT becomes a HABIT!

How do you stay motivated? I want to be able to be actively involved in the lives and activities of my family and my grandkids. Keeping active keeps me healthy!

How would you describe M2I classes? The M2I classes are energetic, lively, fun, and effective! The musical selections are varied, and the routines are exciting! The owner/instructor is knowledgeable and holds us accountable. She pushes us to expect more from ourselves and believe that we are a beautiful, strong, courageous, inspiring member of a FLAWLESS family!

Love you girl!!

Michelle Williams
September Babe Of The Month

I started Zumba in September 2012. At first, I was so out of breath it was hard for me to complete the routine. But Cherisse was so encouraging and engaging that I never felt discouraged. Plus the music is so lively that you can’t help but move your body! After a few weeks, my endurance began to increase. Next, my husband tells me that since I started Zumba, my mood is better and I’m happier. A few people have noticed that I’ve lost some weight! One of my favorite things about Zumba is that Cherisse’s family is actively involved-what a beautiful family. Also, since coming to this class, I have met some awesome ladies! These are down to earth women with jobs, families, and other obligations pulling them in different directions but we all come together to do something healthy for ourselves and having a GREAT time doing it. It is a fellowship as much as a fitness class. There is no drama there.

Melissa Williams
M2I Babe

For the past several months, I have been taking Zumba classes with Cherisse. I am proud to say I have lost 16 pounds!!! I have 60lbs to go. I am so fortunate to have Cherisse in my life. Cherisse advised me to eat healthy and do more cardio and this helped me out a lot. Zumba with Cherisse has been motivational, inspirational, and a blessing to me.

Tangela Porter
M2I Babe

I was thinking of you today when someone asked me a question in regards to moving forward with my dreams. All I could do is lower my head as I laughed. They asked what was so funny?. I told them about the situation you went through with fighting what GOD had in store for you. Zumba Mom (Cherisse Atwater), I just would like to let you know that from the first time I met you at the other facility, I knew there was something different about you. You have always been genuinely loving and caring. You have nothing but positive things to say as well as continuous encouragement for any situation. You take your Zumba Babes concerns personally and that also says a lot. You are the only Instructor I know that takes the time to communicate and reach out to your clients at any time of day or night. Coming to your classes are like being in a house of love. This is one place I totally feel comfortable being at. With the support and inspiration you give your Babes, there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to all reach our goals. I have never felt better since attending your classes. Moves2Inspire has truly inspired me to get healthy. Your establishment will go way beyond your imagination because of the inspiration and love that comes out of it. You are truly a blessing and inspiration to many and don't even know it. I know you truly are to me. You have truly found your purpose that GOD put you here for.

Chante' Johnson
M2I Babe