Want to Increase Your Fat Burn while Toning Up those Problem Areas ALL IN ONE HOUR???!!! MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WORKOUT TIME WITH DANCE BOOT CAMP!!! This Cardio-Resistance Training Program is a great way to get the benefits of cardio exercise, resistance, AND strength training exercises…. ALL IN ONE WORKOUT!!! PLUS YOU DON’T NEED TO ADD A LOT OF WEIGHT!!! Just adding a few extra pounds to your workout can greatly increase your FAT BURN. In addition to elevating your heart rate and burning more calories, you’ll get the toning, shaping, and firming effects of weight training, while increasing bone density, increasing metabolism, and better posture.


2016 Moves2Inspire Fitness Cruise!!! Hosted by Cleo & Cherisse Atwater

We Welcome ALL to Our 2nd Annual Moves2Inspire Fitness Cruise Coming in October 2016 and it's going to be Bigger and Better!!! Zumba Fitness Classes, Boot Camp Classes, Fun Theme Nights and Entertainment, Parties & More... Sailing October 2nd-8th, 2016 SHIP: Carnival Splendor WHERE: Leaving from Miami. Sailing to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, & Mexico. Contact Moves2Inspire Fitness Travel Agent Dena Silmon Toll Free at 877-402-9732 or Email to Reserve your cabin TODAY!!!

Travel Agent Dena Silmon's Website

Want to Book a Zumba Party or Event???

Corporate fitness classes, parties, and team building events. Promotional Events for businesses. Kids Birthday parties. K-12 School events and classes. Girls night out parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties. Call us at 770 595-5991 or email us at today to book your Party or Event!!!


Occupation: Musician - Piano/Keys, Singer & Songwriter, Music Instructor, Vocal Coach

Hobbies: Playing piano, ZUMBA, Dancing, Gardening, Craft and Design, Cooking, Shopping and Travel

Team Member For: 2013

Fitness Goals: Get stronger, burn fat, gain muscle, lose weight

What advice would you give? Start with a physical activity you love that will challenge you to focus and work hard, have patience, love yourself, and enjoy your fitness journey!

How do you stay motivated? This may sound weird but it's the actual feeling of the burn and muscle fatigue that motivates me to push through...if I make it through I know I will be stronger next time. Also seeing results is a big plus.

How would you describe M2I classes? Exhilarating dance workouts that make you feel accomplished, carefree and sexy all while you're sweating it out! M2I classes also has a sisterhood of beautiful positive women- we fellowship and support each other in love and fitness!

Canda Daryl
June Babe Of The Month